Death Valley

Back in March, I took a quick day trip to Death Valley National Park to see what was left of the rare "super bloom." This year's El Niño made conditions just right for a variety of desert flowers, normally dormant, to bloom in a spectacular explosion of color. I arrived towards the end of the rare event, which last happened in 2005, so the flowers had started to thin out, but in some areas, a wispy carpet of yellow still covered the rocky landscape. 

Death Valley is an incredible place to visit during the springtime when temperatures are more tolerable. At sea level, it was a warm 85*F, but at higher altitude spots, like Dante's View at 5,476 ft., it was easily 20 degrees cooler. I ended my day there, perched on the edge of the mountain, shooting a gorgeous sunset as I looked down on the Badwater Basin, the lowest point in America, at 282 ft. below sea level.

Sand dunes near Stovepipe Wells

Sand dunes near Stovepipe Wells

At sea level

Flowers carpeted the desert floor at lower elevations

A particularly dense patch of flowers flourishes in the shade.

View of Badwater Basin from atop Dante's View